Bigcommerce MAP Pricing Addon / Plugin

If you work with manufacturers that put limits on how pricing can be displayed on your Bigcommerce store, this addon is the solution.

Easily set a minimum advertised price (also known as resale price maintenance) for your products. Our Bigcommerce MAP Pricing Addon will display a customized message, similar to “To get the best price on this item, add it to your cart” (which we will customize to your liking) in place of the price until the customer adds the product to their cart.

Note that this addon is not meant to display an “on sale” price, as Bigcommerce does that already. Instead, this is for stores that have restrictions on which pricing they can display to customers (Amazon has a good explanation of why sellers sometimes do this). The minimum advertised price is the lowest price that can be advertised in a catalog/online; this extension hides the price, and will display the “See Price” message until the item is added to the cart.

Important Features

  • Set a minimum advertised price (MAP) for products
  • Show a custom “See Price” call to action message, until they’ve added the product to their cart
  • Customize the call to action message
  • Full support for simple and variable products, with regular and sale pricing.

How to Get Started

  1. Buy this extension :)
  2. We will customize the call to action message and install the addon into your Bigcommerce store
  3. Set a minimum advertised price for your products
  4. That’s it! Sit back and enjoy flexible pricing display!

You can boost your sales with our Bigcommerce MAP Pricing Addon! As each bigcommerce template can vary widely from each other we do need to price your integration individually. Please Contact US for a review of your store and a custom quote. Our prices are very reasonable and generally speaking will be in $250-$450 price range.