How NOT to design a form


I have to be blunt, your submission form really sucks.

  • it doesn’t allow dashes in the phone number but doesn’t say so, gives a stupid “are you sure you entered an area code?” error
  • it requires http:// before the www in the site url, a simple adjustment to your form can make tell if there is http:// entered and if not add it to the url so your database has it in it each entry.
  • it can’t delete or ignore preceding or trailing spaces in the email box, they are common when copy/pasting email addresses
  • your keyword submission boxis equally stupid. you only allow single keywords and no phrases? what is this the 90s? “Commercial restaurant equipment” is a high value search/keyword phrase but according to your form’s “no commas, use spaces” only rule I can only submit single keywords, which reduced me to only submitting 6 instead of 18 so that ‘and’ and other connecter words and the first or last part of multi-word phrases didn’t get my client’s site mis-categorized.

so after 10 min of fooling around trying to read the tea leaves i was able to get this client in, but it could have been a couple min process.

Also, the site needs major work if you want it to look professional, you ought to check out some templates if its not in your budget to have a custom design done, they’ve come a long way since the 90s. I even have some of one of my sites,