How NOT to design a form


I have to be blunt, your submission form really sucks.

  • it doesn’t allow dashes in the phone number but doesn’t say so, gives a stupid “are you sure you entered an area code?” error
  • it requires http:// before the www in the site url, a simple adjustment to your form can make tell if there is http:// entered and if not add it to the url so your database has it in it each entry.
  • it can’t delete or ignore preceding or trailing spaces in the email box, they are common when copy/pasting email addresses
  • your keyword submission boxis equally stupid. you only allow single keywords and no phrases? what is this the 90s? “Commercial restaurant equipment” is a high value search/keyword phrase but according to your form’s “no commas, use spaces” only rule I can only submit single keywords, which reduced me to only submitting 6 instead of 18 so that ‘and’ and other connecter words and the first or last part of multi-word phrases didn’t get my client’s site mis-categorized.

so after 10 min of fooling around trying to read the tea leaves i was able to get this client in, but it could have been a couple min process.

Also, the site needs major work if you want it to look professional, you ought to check out some templates if its not in your budget to have a custom design done, they’ve come a long way since the 90s. I even have some of one of my sites,

Custom ProStores Wishlist Button Tutorial

How to replace the wishlist button with a Custom ProStores Wishlist Button.

Far too often merchants have a really hard time figuring out how to add a custom prostores wishlist button to their store, the fix is not very obvious and requires a few edits and you can do it too!

1. Go to the Stylesheet Base Template, save a baseline,

2. Replace ‘.btn_wish_list’ section with the following code

.btn_wish_list {
        background: url(<ss:value source="$storeVersion.images['addtowishlist.gif']"/>) no-repeat 0px 0px;
    padding:2px 2px 2px 20px;

3. Go to the Add to Cart template, save a baseline
4. replace <ss:if test="$store.wishListEnabled"> section with:

<ss:if test="$store.wishListEnabled">
        <td width="100%">
            <input type="submit" name="addtowishlistbtn" value="" class="btn_wish_list" style="border-style:none;"> 

Hopefully you all found this useful, if you still need help and would like us to install your custom prostores wishlist button, just let us know and we will create a project just for you. The cost to add your button to replace the default prostores wishlist button is $50. We can even make a custom wishlist button for you that will match your store’s look and feel, we can give you a quote for that, just contact us.

Google Checkout is Going Offline in Nov


Retiring Google Checkout Announcement

On November 20th, 2013, Google will shut down its Checkout product. Here’s how this may affect you:

  • Merchants selling digital goods may transition to Google Wallet for digital goods
  • Merchants selling through Google-hosted marketplaces (e.g. Google Play) will be unaffected
  • Merchants selling physical goods will need to switch to third-party alternatives (see below)

What this means for ProStores users that unless you are selling digital, non-physical, goods that you will not be able to use Google Checkout anymore, Google is not offering a replacement processing solution for physical goods and services. They have partnered with Braintree Payments to help transition people from Google Checkout, but Braintree and ProStores aren’t compatible at this time so thats of no help.

To minimize the disruption to your business, Google recommends moving to a new payment provider as soon as possible.

Paypal is still available, Amazon payment is good, setting an account with one of the standard Credit Card processors found in your Payment settings is a perfectly viable option as well (although there is a monthly fee associated with a CC processor)

Some important notes:

  • No new orders will be accepted after November 20th
  • All refunds must be initiated by December 20th
  • Payouts will continue per your usual disbursement schedule
  • A final payout will be initiated after order processing concludes; where eligible, funds held in reserves will be disbursed

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If you’ve purchased Google Checkout from us here at One Take Media just call or email us we will remove it for free. If your a ProStores Merchant and bought it somewhere else we can still help you remove it for a very small fee of $10, thats just to cover the time to remove the code and the badges from your store.

Google’s schedule of changes.

Date Product Change
May 20th, 2013 Last day to sign up for Google Checkout
November 20th, 2013 Last day to charge orders
November 21st, 2013 Last day to ship orders
November 27th, 2013 All outstanding orders will be cancelled
December 20th, 2013 Last merchant refunds permitted through Checkout

Honestly we recommend that people stop using it now, you don’t want to get caught up in a reconciliation and accessing account information mess after the shut off date.

This isn’t happy news, but its important that people know, so please share this post wherever you can.

Memorial Day Hours

Memorial Day is coming up quickly and as you race to stock up on deals on burgers and hot dogs and varied refreshments I wanted to give out a quick note on our hours. We like to have fun ourselves with friends and especially family. One Take Media will be closed the 24th-27th, we will reopen at our regular time on the 28th. Until then our hours remain as they always are:

Phone Support – 9am-5pm Eastern – 810-434-4448
Email Support – 9am-8pm Eastern – Contact Us

Thanks all, safe journey to anyone traveling!

Matthew MontgomeryOne Take Media

Google to Move Against Poor Quality Ecommerce Sites

At the popular SXSW conference this past March, Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts announced that Google will be soon going after bad merchants with a new algorithm targeted at lowering their rankings in Google.

Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land first covered this, quoting Matt’s statement during his presentation.

Matt said:

We have a potential launch later this year, maybe a little bit sooner, looking at the quality of merchants and whether we can do a better job on that, because we don’t want low quality experience merchants to be ranking in the search results.

Excerpts above from

This is probably going to happen 3rd or 4rd quarter, so START NOW!

Don’t be an accidental bad merchant.

Things you can do to help prevent from getting caught in the crossfire:

  • DON’T USE STOCK PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS!! Re-write them, or at least convert them to bullet points. Customers shop by skimming, you do it, why do you assume that everyone that comes to your store behaves differently, trust me, they don’t.
  • Create interesting content.  You are an expert, usually, in your field, make videos/tutorials/post about stuff thats interesting to customers.
  • Setup an account on google places (so you show up in local search, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online) We offer a Google Places setup for $199
  • Get other sites to link to you (reputable ones!! Link Directories don’t count),
  • Build relationships with the bloggers in your niche
  • Create ways for people to share your product pages and home page – facebook/twitter/pinterest
  • Maybe a sharable monthly sale/promotion/giveaway?
  • Create reasons for customers to be repeat/return customers (5% off on your second purchase, free shipping on their second order.)
  • ProStores has some really great promotional tools, just don’t give away the store. Keep it small and reasonable.
  • link appropriate accessories to products that would benefit from them. like a particular line of cookeware as related items with your nice stoves and vice versa, but make it tasteful, just a few, not EVERY single one in your store.
  • be active in your blogging, at least one new, substantive article every 2-3 days with a non-cheezy link back to a page in your store. Make it relevant!
  • use social media, like twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc.
    • if the writing bug bites you then use tools like to spread those extra posts over several days and maintain a consistent publishing timeline.
  • start using Rich Snippets –

You could consider some of our seo services too.  🙂 We offer a Free No-Obligation SEO Review for instance.

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